Saturday, July 4, 2015

Endings, Beginnings, and Who's That Hot Chick in the Bikini?

Yes, I do actually get up as early as the time say I'm putting these things up. I know there's a way to do this procedure with the various gadgets and geegaws provided by Blogspot allowing me to write this stuff and post these graphics to be uploaded at a set time. There's just one problem: I'm doing other things in the daytime... like scanning loads of magazine covers for eBay auctions. I scanned over 50 of them yesterday. I promised Colette that I would sell some of the stuff that seems to be in every nook and cranny of our home.

I also did some work on an idea that I have had for this Blog for sometime. All I'm willing to tell you about it is that it will be called Creepsville City Limits. In a world filled with creative types, it probably won't set the world on fire, but I'll have fun doing it. 

While that project slowly moves towards starting, the first issue of Monster Patrol I've been posting here officially comes to a close. As I've mentioned a few zillion times, the Agents of Peril strip will return with more new scans of the earlier pages... and all-new never seen before pages I did while I had placed this project in suspended animation.

Even though the search goes on for Creepsville artwork on my computer and various disks after my external extra hard drive nosedived into oblivion, I still have the artwork in black and white, including some pieces that I did just for the fun of it. One such piece shown below features 50s-60s monster maker Paul Blaisdell's She Creature showing off her girlie stuff to a trio of familiar scaley and slimey judges for the Creepsville Bikini Contest.  I really enjoyed drawing this cutie, which was published in the final issue of Amazing Heroes' Swimsuit Specials.

That's it for me this week. The sun is just starting to make its presence known... which means I have a lot of other things to get done... like scanning several thousand more monster magazine covers, trying to figure out happened to that Video Watchdog book I had, and actually just reading a whole bunch of Marvel Comics pre-code horror stuff for the fun of it.

Read the comics below and have a great week. 


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