Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Mysterious Return of the Amazing Mystery Me...

Sorry for disappearing, but the last couple of weeks were somewhat overwhelming. Last weekend, we went on a road trip to Ohio to take part in the wedding of the son of one of my wife's cousins. A lot of family was there and we had a great but exhausting time. When we got back, I realized how tired I was and took this one week break.

Months ago, I had told you all that I was at work on the Creepsville Collected book. I am still hard at work on that. It's a lot more work than I expected... though it's also a lot of fun. One facet of it I can be more open about is that I'm not as fast as I used to be. I've been coloring a lot of art, which gives me lots of time to think. I've decided to make the effort to show some Sneak Peeks from the project here and there. Still, I must admit that I tend to be a bit secretive of things I am working on. It's sort of like a superstition I have where I don't want to say too much about what's coming while I'm working on it, with a fear of my giving specifics will result in my pulling a project to do some additional tinkering. I have done that before.

Still, even though Creepsville continues to move forward, I will also continue to post original comics strips/stories here. I mentioned a few weeks back, that Agents of Peril will soon return and will continue until that first story is wrapped up.

Last Halloween, I had a great time finding material that resonated with that unofficial holiday and put them up here. A lot of you really seemed to like that crazy stuff. Believe me, I have lots more that I will be showing here.

Creepsville #1 ends today, by the way. Before #2 starts, next week I'll talk about the trading cards that were bound into the first four issues. Can you dig it?

Oh, and go Blackhawks!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Creepsville #1 Just About Done... and Monster Patrol Winding Down, Too

Time does fly, kiddies. I think that sometimes I scan with my brain in a pause mode, meaning I don't pay attention in particular to the page numbers. As usual, I was awake too early this morning to put up my posts and realized that the reprinting of the first issue of Creepsville on this Blog is almost finished. What will I do now?

As I have mentioned before, I'll begin posting pages from issue #2, but in addition to that, I feel like showing some of my new stuff. I have lot done, and even more crazy ideas beyond that stuff. Also, I will be bringing back my Agents of Peril strip. Because it has been a long time, I'm going to be redoing some of the old scans, which will be posted 2 pages at a time.

In addition to that, I want to get back to showing some intriguing bits and pieces from works in progress... not to forget my obsession with junk culture, monster movies, hot rod hearses, wild eyed women and much more.

The little cat is waking around meowing. Can trouble be far behind? Better go! Have a great week, kiddies.

Here's this week's Creepsville and Monster Patrol pages: