Saturday, July 11, 2015

Agents of Peril Is Back -- and Things Are Gonna Get Very Ugly This Time!

It's about time I got this done...

By that I mean the everlasting Agents of Peril story that I have been working on for years. Work on the strip started way back after the plug was pulled on Creepsville. I've worked on it in bits and pieces ever since but never finished it, unil now. Now, it's going to finally get done.

You will have to wait until we catch up to the new stuff while I reprint or rescan the artwork for all the previously posted pages. A lot of you may have not seen the older stuff, which I must admit that I really like a lot.

Also, as promised, I will post the pages 2 at a time, until I get to the unpublished stuff... which will be one a week.

To kick it off and promote the new stuff that is coming, here's a piece of promo art I did awhile back for their return. It says 2010, but I thought I did this much more recently.

I also took a quick break on Creepsville this week, and thought I would show you a promo piece that Chris Ecker and Gary C allowed to appear in the first full-color issue of Big Bang Comics from Image. It was fun seeing my Creepsville characters in color for the first time printed in that classic old Sparta color style. If I was rich, I'd do Creepsville in that style all the time.

Well, I must go. There's something in the sky that's all bright. I think the rain has stopped for maybe another 10 minutes and I thought I would get some pictures of it before it's gone again. Until next time, have a great... and hopefully, dry week.

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