Saturday, June 27, 2015

Scary Night Time Stuff, Dream Comics & Still More...

I had a scary night last night. I was watching the old Hammer Films/Ray Harryhausen film One Million Years BC after a long work week.. I quickly dozed off (even lovely Raquel Welch's delightful curves couldn't keep me awake).

The next thing I know is that the dog is barking at the windows in the living room. Half asleep, I think someone's out there banging on the window. I have to admit, I'm spooked, but I hollar out, "Get outta here!" I wake up enough to get up, run to the door and turn the outside lights on. Nobody is there. I'm still shaking.. and think that this might be a prank. One of my brother in laws did the same thing last year wearing a gorilla suit. I scared him when I very quickly ran out the door and got ready to punch him. Instead, I tore his mask off.

Anyway, my wife Colette is out with her family, including the brother-in-law... so, I think I've been pranked. I call Colette on her cell and she says that they didn't do anything. I believe her. I think the dog actually got my brain working overtime, though later on Colette said there were kids riding around in the dark on their bicycles.

Speaking of scary things.. ot is it? Years ago, I had a very strange dream... Well, not scary but interesting. As luck would have it, a few days later I was at the San Diego Comicon for HERO Illustrated. I bumped into Roarin' Rick Veitch, who was publishing his dream comic, Rare Bit Fiends, at that time. I started telling him about the dream, but he stopped me. He handed me paper and pens and told me to draw it. I've posted here what I drew, which Rick included in his regular Road Bits section of the comic featuring people like me who had dreams to tell.

One odd thing here to note: I was once a student at Northern Illinois University and had a large class in a building there called Cole Hall. It had huge theatre seating to hold big classes. Many years later, a f*cked joker got into the building through the back and walked into a class shooting a gun. He killed a number of students and then did himself in. That must have been 10 years ago, at least, but I'm not sure. My daughter went to school there years later. I must admit that it made me worry for her.

On a much more upbeat note, as usual, I've also posted this week's Creepsville and Monster Patrol pages.

I think I just figured out what the dog was barking at... Our fridge is making a sound like an owl hooting, but very quietly. The dog walked into the kitchen and started barking. Two nights ago, she was barking at a curtain that was blowing a shape that looked like a small person. I pulled the curtain away from the vent. No little person...whew!

Until next time, I'll leave the lights on...

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