Saturday, June 20, 2015

On the Road to the Afterlife in His Or Hearse... Plus Frank Meets a Giant Skull & More!

So, you think this week's headline is odd, get a load of the goofus with the hobbit shoes above. If you look past the image of the rotting body of yours truly wearing t-shirt and shorts, that Skull-mobile was the wildest car at a local drinking and music establishment's annual Hearse Show. Yes, it moved, spewing huge flames out the back while popping wheelies. Truly a thing of beauty. Wait, there's more, but first...

Up again early, thanks to the pets. Two of them, Arial (the dog) and Sirius Black (the cat aka BatCat or KittyBoo) have been been constantly in battle, chasing each other around the house. They recently extended their play to all hours of the night. Obviously, I need my beauty sleep, which is difficult when there's a neverending Tom and Jerry cartoon going on.

Fortunately, this week I'm glad they got me up. I had lots of stuff to post this week that ties in with that Forrest J Ackerman style Blurb at the top.

Before you get to that, check out this week's Monster Patrol page. There are only two more pages to post before something else takes its place.. the previously noted Agents of Peril.

Meanwhile, the second issue of Creepsville's story "Party at Horror Beach" gets started today. After you read these two comics, there are loads of pix of a recent trip to a Hearse Show. What on earth is that? Check it out below. With these beauties on the road, you had best drive carefully.

Until next week, kiddies, keep your eyes on the road, your head out of the clouds and your hands to yourself.

Parking Lot of the Dead

 A week ago, I was coaxed out of the comfortable cold air of my Think Tank to see what is one of the few things that could revive this dead ass... a Hearse Show.

The event was this year's Hearse Show held at the Braurerhouse in Lombard, IL... also known as the far west 'burbs of Chicago where the Earth falls away into nothingness after the first row of corn.

Each year the bar holds this show in its parking lot, which brought out loads of hearses, motorcycles and some truly unique custom vehicles.

Svengoolie from WeTV was to be making an appearance at the show, but we were already gone before he got there... mainly due to my need for regular doses of arcane liquids that keep this body moving. We met a lot of great folks who had gifted inaginations as well as those who drive their hearses as their regular means of conveyence. Some of the cars were pretty wild, but I found the hearses that had been preserved with great care and respect for their woeful real world purposes rather moving.

Glom onto the following:

 In my opinion, and those of Roy Ware and Roy Ware Sr (who brought me there), this was one of the most beautiful hearses to be seen. That curtained sidepanel looked like it was actually made of wood.


Showing a variety of vehicles, this represented the world of real rather than just customized monster cars. This car was an old Chicago FD Vehicle, used to transpot the living and the dead. 


An additional point of interest to take note of was the fine detail work done inside of many a hearse, either in the front seat or the back for the boxes. One of the cars had a coffin with speakers nicely set into it.

 I really wanted to take these great musclecars transformed into hearses back to my home.. so I did. They're parked in my back yard right now. Don't tell anyone. Okay? My photo doesn't really show the fantastic paint job on the purple Bonneville justice. It was gorgeous. If I had it, it wouldn't be at my house... it would be out driving!

Old vehicles were there alongside more recent cars. Even the area of the lot used just to parking lot's regular parking had hearses in it. Overall, we had a great time there and look forward to going back next time.

All photos are (c) 2015 Franklin J Kurtz.

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