Saturday, June 13, 2015

Disaster Strikes Creepsville!!! Kurtz Says, "...Only a Minor Setback!"

Once again the spectre of sinister junk computer equipment has risen to battle me, but it already lost. Hope is growing.

What am I babbling about. Well, yesterday I came home and found one of my external hard drives not moving, its light off, not a sound to be heard. My computer no longer showed it. It sure looked dead.

So, I journeyed over to my brother, Dave's house where we attempted to revive it, but we failed. Dave is a big shot tech guy for a rather large very well known company that I will mention only if he calls me and asks me to mention where. The Bad news is that drive, which never had any problems before held a lot of the full color Creepsville pages I've been working on. The Good news is that it didn't hold them all. 

Dave hasn't given them up yet and will place the driver into... well, it's too gruesome to tell here.

Okay, no crying in our corn flakes. This time I begin posting the pages from the second issue of Creepsville featuring 'Party at Horror Beach!"

I wamt to take note here that my good buddy Mark Nelson, (he always calls me Buddy, too) did that gorgeous cover featuring that story's creepy underwater characters on the prowl... under the sea. Mark is probably known best in the comc biz for his Dark Horse Comics Aliens work, but he produces so much more truly incredible pieces, it makes me wonder when he sleeps.

I'd also like to mention that when I was working on the second Creepsville comic series, I did the coloring of those covers at Mark's house in his Mark-cave. while he occasionally would look over my shoulder. He helped me a lot with what was my first computer coloring attempts. Again, after all these years, thanks, Mark.

Let us not forget that Monster Patrol is here, too.

Meanwhile, I'll keep an eye out for living dead hard drives. Brrrrrrrrrrrr

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