Saturday, June 6, 2015

Creepsville Trading Cards!? You Bet!

If you happen to have any of the first 4 printed issues of Creepsville V1, then you have seen these. For the first 4 issues, we did something that was unusual and loads of fun. The Creepsville trading cards were a dream come true for yours truly, who not only read comic books and monster movie magazines since the dawn of time but also collected non-sport trading comics.

Upon deciding to publish Creepsville, Steve Smith, owner and publisher of GoGo Comics was hard at work getting things together to make the comic a desirable item for comic book readers. His was not a simple job. Among his duties, Steve dealt directly with the talented artists who created the cover art for the first four issues as well as making sure everything got to that printer... and then getting me to look over the blueline printed pages and make necessary corrections.

Before the first issue was out, Steve threw in the idea of doing Creepsville trading cards and binding them in with the comics. My immediate response was, "YES!"

It would have been too much for our budget to actually cut the card sheets we printed into 6 individual cards and put them in a wrapper. BInding a small packet in would have been cost prohibitive. Very early on, it was determined that the cards in each issue would be presented as 6 cards printed on a single large sheet. You could leave the cards in the comic or carefully pull them out and cut them into normal sized cards.

With this new task, I gladly got to work. I decided the first 6 would introduce the 5 members of the Malone family as well as Rat's buddy, Percy. After that issue, I added a few new character cards, but the remaining cards had a very brief story on each of them. Meanwhile, Steve did the art for the backgrounds on the cards around the texts.

The cards actually helped me kill two birds with one stone. I could use them to introduce new characters that I planned on bringing into the stories in future issues. At least one of them was inspired by a strange dream I had. I'll get to explaining those cards as I bring them up here in the Blog, between the issues I post. In addition, I have been coloring the cards, which I intend to put up on the coming Creepsville Collected book.

As usual, this week's Monster Patrol is up, too! Have a great week, kiddies.

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