Saturday, January 17, 2015

01/17/2015 -- Your Morning Cup of Creepsville

At the crack of dawn (actually earlier when there isn't a hint that the sun will be coming up today) small creatures called cats come into our bedroom, throw up on the floor and joyfully meow that it's time to get up and do this morning's Creepsville comic for the Laughing Reindeer Blog.

After putting the cats in a potatoe sack and hanging them in the attic, I sit at the computer and stare at the screen... and there's not a single idea in my head.

A moment later, I reawaken with my head on my desk, the papers pushed off on the side and onto the floor. Some of the papers that I made a pillow out of are still stuck to my face courtesy of that special power we all have: drool. Those papers are stuck, so I wait to tear them off while I scan the artwork and drink some water. I don't drink coffee or I would never sleep.

Is that the sun? Then, this scan must be this week's Creepsville. If it's actually not Creepsville, please enjoy it anyway. So, click on whatever it is to see the text.

See you on Wednesday for Monster Patrol.

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