Wednesday, January 14, 2015

01/14/2015 -- This Week's Monster Patrol

As I said I would do, here's the next page from our exciting Monster Patrol comic.

I've mentioned that I was inspired by some of those goofy monster comics from Marvel and DC in creating the comic, but it wasn't just those influences that made me draw it. It was actually just an absurd image that I had in my head of giant monsters fighting crime, carefully tiptoeing over buildings and people.

Then, a buddy of mine from high school invited me out for a week in Portland to stay with him and his wife. During that stay, I actually created each of the monsters during breaks when we weren't enjoying the craft beers of Portland. It was a great trip and a great city.

When I returned, I started working on the comic, and... it took me years to get it done. Every now and then, the monster bug starting buzzing in my head and I would sit down and and pencil some panels and dig out a brush to ink it.

So, the comic you see here was a marathon project. I'm very proud of it. There are definitely more of them to come, too.

But for now, click on the image below to see this week's page. Of course, Creepsville comes back this weekend. Beyond this, there's a whole lotta stuff just dying to get out of their cages in my office and make nests of your brain cavities. Sounds like fun!

Oh, and, Eric and Linda , if I haven't said it before, thanks for the trip!

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