Saturday, January 10, 2015

01/10/2015 -- This Week's Creepsville

Whenever I am working on a big project, I find it's best not to focus on the "big" part. That big part can be scary. Having said that, I admit I have a full plate, but I'm also having the time of my life.. in other words: fun! Here at the Laughing Reindeer ranch, the cold weather outside serves to fuel my creativity. I don't want to go out into subzero hell. I think I'll do some artwork and look out the window at all the nice looking white stuff.

Meanwhile, just in case you hadn't noticed, starting last Wednesday and until... beats me how long to... I started posting a second comic on this Blog, called Monster Patrol. Check it out if you haven't yet. It does have a solid connection to Creepsville (some of you will likely catch it quickly in the upcoming pages). Longtime readers of this Blog may have seen a Monster Patrol story I did in Big Bang Comics quite some time ago.

Meanwhile, While doing this and other comics stuff, I'm also thinking of making some design changes to this Blog page. I'm not moving the site. Blogspot's set up is very easy, though I'm thinking of making the design changes so that seeing the comics will be much easier and (hopefully) understood, at a glance. So, if you come here and it looks wrong, look for the Laughing Reindeer name to make sure you are safely tucked into the warmth of the ranch.

Click into the image below to see the larger, easier to read version. See you on Wednesday!

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