Saturday, November 22, 2014

11/23/2014 - This Week's Creepsville

What the.... ?!! It's almost Thanksgiving already! Seems like only a few days ago it was Halloween, and I was wearing my Tom Atkins glow-in-the-dark mustache mask.

I'll make this quick, because the dog is whining. Coming soon will be the first appearance of this series' strangest and most controversial character: Rugface. My publisher hated him, which I always found amusing. Most of the fanmail with artwork that got sent in had him prominently featured. When he appears, I'll attempt to explain him.

Relax, relax... Rugface won't hurt you. Really!

Also looming on the horizon is a look at the trading cards that were bound into the first 4 issues of the comic.

Click on the image below to see this week's comic page.

Oh, and Wednesday this coming week will have the last of my Eddie Einstein daily strips. I'm putting together loads of weirdness to take over its Wednesday slot, in a couple of weeks.

Ahem.. don't forget to read that comic below.

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