Tuesday, November 18, 2014

11/19/2014 -- More Eddie Einstein

Last Wednesday I posted the first few strips that I drew years ago as part of a pitch for a syndicated newspaper strip.

I believe a lot of comic artists wish they could be doing something like this. It would be a true creative challenge. Unfortunately, mine did not get picked up, but I did enjoy working on it. My daughter, Molly, watched me doing it and often asked questions about it while I was working. It was another opportunity to bond with her, which has resulted in years of good experiences.

Meanwhile, the folks at Blogspot have informed me that this posting is my 100th Blog posting. Over the years doing this blog have been loads of fun, especially when I've heard from those of you reading it. Thanks to all of you for interacting. I'm looking forward to many more projects that I'm working on now. Of course, I will show you them as time marches by.

Here's another one of my old projects, Eddie Einstein. After this, there will be just two more installments before I run out of strips I wanted to show. Click on the images to see the larger versions. Oh, and please do check here again on Saturday for more of Creepsville.

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