Wednesday, November 26, 2014

11/27/2014 - Eddie Einstein Daily Strips All Done

As I mentiond recently, my Eddie Einstein comic strip proposal has run its short course. This week I have posted the last of the daily strips, with a common theme of Eddie in the dating scene. Next week, will be the actual last of Eddie with the two Sunday comics.

After that, there will be loads of things that I have pulled screaming out of the vault here at the Reindeer Ranch.

For example: I'm bringing back my Agents of Peril strip. While it took a break, I still continued working on it. When it comes back, I'm hoping to also have it presented in a way that it will be easier to read the whole story so far. This Blog site's design cabilities are good looking but fairly limited for comics work. It's a real pain in the patootie having to push the links on each page which will take you back, but you have to wait as you go backwards from the most recent strip to the beginning.

Also coming will be a new Creepsville strip, of which I have quite a bit of material.

There's a lot more, but I hesitate to say much about those yet, preferring to reveal names and premises when they are just about to appear.

And, of course, there is the Creepsville Collected book, which continues to move forward slowly. I can hardly wait until I get it truly done. Besides offering it to comic stores through direct market distributors, I'm planning on going to the Chicago Alternative Comics Expo this coming June. This will be the first comic oriented show I plan on going to since my days at HERO Illustrated magazine. I'll have more details as we get closer to that time (after the dreaded Chicago winter).

That's all for now, except... have a great and safe Thanksgiving. I expect you all be back here this Saturday for more Creepsville. Meanwhile, take a few minutes and read those Eddie Einstein strips, true believers. Click on the iamges to see the larger legible versions.

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