Saturday, September 12, 2009

Agents of Peril 5 & Conversations at Night

I thought I'd post a couple of things this week...
(The Agents of Peril art has been removed due to inferior quality. It has or will be replaced by a much better scan of the artwork.)

First of all, here's the fifth installment of my Agents of Peril online strip. With this strip, the story finally kicks in while also introducing one of my oddest creations: Dick Protozoa, the one-celled detective. Honestly, the reason the leads of this strip; Dick and Agent Frankenstein; are even there is because I liked drawing them. They were also lots of fun to write. It's an old cliche, but still true, that they would very often write themselves. More correctly, when I'm creating comics, I'm also role-playing to a certain extent, providing each of my characters with life... of a sort.

Let me add that I wasn't using any Zip-A-Tone or computer to texture Dick's clothes. That was good, old fashioned stippling (incessantly tapping my technical ink pen to get a texture and/or shade). I'm still a sucker for this technique because of the organic quality it provides... though I have to admit that I must have been a lot more patient when I drew this than how I am today.

After that, I've put up a little one-shot strip, which appeared in slightly different form than when I posted it on my old website. Rather than build the page layout with HTML, I put it all on a single jpeg graphic this time. The influence here may be underground comics or slice-of-life stuff that was prevalent after Harvey Pekar's American Splendor. There's some slight foul language and adult themes.

The character in the start and end of the strip was something I kept coming back to. He's another fun-to-draw type and I eventually used him in the second Creepsville comic book series, issue #2, as a creepy, unspeaking peeping tom called Doctor Nothing.

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