Saturday, October 10, 2015

Real LIfe Concerns Intrude On Laughing Reindeer Ranch

This has been a sobering week, gang. I have to admit that I seriously contemplated stopping the blog.

I've hinted somewhat here and more obviously on Facebook regarding issues related to my health. Honestly, I'm not ready to open up too much about that yet, but I can say that I'm having another day of testing done. I will eventually reveal what's up, but be aware that if there are no postings her for a couple of weeks or more, that's probably why it happened. 

To say the least, it's definitely a scary situation...

Second of all, my Aunt Mary who was my Dad's oldest sister and my Godmother passed away. She was 93 years old (we live long in my family). Her last few years were stolen from her by Dementia. My youngest memories of her were how she laughed and always had a smile on her face. This last year also saw the demise of her younger sister, my aunt Millie. She is missed. 

These two (or three) incidents and growing doubts about the place where I actually work, have caused me to re-examine my life. I'm 55 and I feel that despite the many things I've done in my life (created Creepsville, made a feature film, actually won an Eisner Award, which Will himself gave to me), there are still mountains to climb (literally in one case, taking the wonderful walk up to the Continental Divide at Glacier National Park, throwing snowballs above the snowline on a summer day). There's also an island that I need to get back to with my wife!

Let me cut to the chase here. I was very close to stopping the Blog. However, after taking time to think about it and not wanting to do anything rash that I might regret, I've decided that I will keep the Laughing Reindeer going but post stuff as needed and focusing on geting other things done. There are ideas that I would still like to explore on it, but I also need to have the time to work on things with a purpose like my Agents of Peril comic. I really want to get that one story I have spent years working on done with... and then maybe at least 2 more stories. A have a number of ideas in the comics area, but I'm also biting at the bit to try to get another movie done (NOT a monster movie this time).

With time being precious, rather than posting comics from older Creepsville issues, I thought I would show you something that I don't think I've ever shown here before. Below is the cover art for what I had previously called Creepsville #7. I'll eventually have more to tell and more to show in the future. It is fully inked... and has been so for quite awhile.

In this Blog on previous Halloween seasons, I have usually reprinted the Halloween issue of Creepsville. This time it decided to pull out rarity, a comic book that was actually an invite to an open house a printer in the East Dubuque, IL, area have each year. My buddy, Tom Schild, had been working there and suggested the comic idea and asked me to do it. It was fun, and I got to create another bunch of Halloween oriented characters. 

Oh, and I'd like shout out to Jim (aka Mr. Ski from Creepsville) that my backing off some from the Blog will finally get those comics you're alter ego is in done and hopefully published soon.

I truly appreciate all of you your patience and hope you will continue to check the Blog for new stuff. As for now, hug your family and your friends and let them know how much you love them.

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