Saturday, August 8, 2015

Wisconsin Sure Looks a Lot Like the Movie "From Hell It Came." You Decide + Creepsville & Agents of Peril

Last week, Blogspot had a hard time posting all the images and notes from a party in Wisconsin that happened years ago. I promised the rest of it would be posted this week, so here it is:

Previously on The Wisconsin Party Miasma aka "When will this Under the Dome TV series finish?!!"

"This is all the booze we have left?"

"Nope, you can have more if you plant tulips..." Perhaps it's best we not finish this vocal exchange.

The clock strikes 6:47 pm. Suddenly, there's a controlled substance odor in the air and one of the female party goers starts dancing.

Then another does.

Then another...

...and skinny dipping begins...

...and the girls start chasing other girls...

...and then the big brownie guy is walking around grabbing the girls.

...and they start getting picked up.

...and put down into mud puddles. It may look crazy to you, but it's really all about love.

The party breaks up. The gang that is still conscious gives their takes on the success of the party.

 "I lost another bra. Jeez!"

"I used my professional kissy face and all I got back was a t-shirt that says I stole June's bras. Why in hell would I steal bras?"

Stu added, "My hat is better by far than any used over-the-shoulder-bolder-holder."

"I love you. I love your manly hat. I even love the fact that you really do have a banana in your pocket."

Meanwhile, the chocolate brownie man is looking for June to kiss his... never mind, kids do actually read this blog. Er... Okay, maybe not.

As I said, in the end it's all about love... between two people who we don't even know... who wandered in late, and stole my new underwear.

So long ago, but I do recall that's where it all ended... oh, except one thing...

The mysterious Eric declares: "Everyone look out, there's a lobster loose! There's a lobster loose and its vengeful! Better have some melted butter! Holy cow, it's loose!"

Here are this week's Creepsville and Agents of Peril strips. Enjoy!


Party's over. Comics are done for this week. Everybody go home. Later, when you wake up, you might want to consider doing the following activity below at your next party. Have fun, and stay sober (as if).

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