Saturday, March 21, 2015

This Week's Creepsville Alongside Monster Patrol

Sorry for the tardiness of Monster Patrol this week, again. My plans to post new pages will continue to be Wednesdays, but this week had a number of health related obstacles that I had to deal with.

Since I'm talking about that, I thought I should also give you a heads up on what's going on here at The Laughing Reindeer.

I am still working on the Creepsville Collected book, but other factors have come into play that may delay that project a little longer than I anticipated. At this time, I plan on continuing to post pages from the original Creepsville series from this issue #1 through #4. #5 (the Halloween issue) has been posted before. The never published before issues must wait until the book. That doesn't mean I won't be creating new Creepsville material. After #4 (or maybe even before that point in time), I will be bringing back the online Creepsville comic strip, which carries on the tradition of having fun with those goofy old monster movies I love but is also in full color.

When this Monster Patrol story finishes up, I will be bringing back Agents of Peril, which will stay up until that first years-in-the-making story finally gets finished.

In addition, that teaser I posted of the mysterious "Fear Them" Punk and Willy paves the way for an ongoing irregular comic strip that I have always wanted to do. There will also be another strip, which I'll let you know about in the near future.

That's enough to keep me busy and off the streets at night for awhile.

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