Saturday, December 6, 2014

12/07/2014 -- This Week's Dose of Creepsville & a Live Podcast Event

Hello, kiddies, it's Saturday, it's still dark out, and it's Pearl Harbor Day. Sounds like a good time to post this week's Creepsville comic page.

As usual, click on the artwork below to see the larger, more legible version.

Meanwhile, as I mentioned in this Blog previously, I am participating in an upcoming live Podcast which will be reuniting a number of ne'erdowells responsible for the legendary HERO Illustrated magazine. For those of you who may not know about HERO, it was a comic book news magazine that came out way back in the 1990s. Starting with the 3rd or 4th issue, I was tapped to be the editorial head honcho on the magazine, but I didn't do it alone. Some of those other very talented and brave souls will be there, shedding light on the magazine Wizard hated. We eventually won an Eisner Award for the Best Comic Related Publication in 1995 (something that totally surprised me, resulting in a truly awful acceptance speech at the award event at the San Diego Comicon).

Anyway, the program will be online on Sunday, December 14, starting at 11:30 pm Central Time. You can access the program by going to this URL: The hosts are also into wrestling, so there will be a chunk of wrasslin' news up front and then they wheel us in. Hope you can be there.

Finally, starting on Monday, I will be posting loads of Christmas stuff willy nilly on this Blog. Creepsville will still be on Saturday... and there will be other original comics by yours truly on Wednesday. It should be fun! Until we next gather here at the Reindeer Ranch, shop patiently and with kindness.

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