Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wha? Who? Eddie Einstein?

During the Halloween festivities, I was posting loads of strange material on the Reindeer Ranch Blog, particularly on Wednesday... and having a great time doing it, too. I also noticed that the traffic on the site had increased, which is great news. As a result of this, I've decided to continue to post material up on Wednesdays while continuing to keep Saturday posts being Creepsville-centric. There will be a mix of things here, including other comics work I have done as well as some really oddball editorial material.

To kick off the official middle of the week posts, I thought I would share something unusual that I put together back in 2010. Like many artists who have worked in the comics biz, I had always wanted to do a newspaper comic strip. Sadly, these days, the newspapers that once included comic strips (which were enormously popular decades ago) are steadily declining. Despite this fact, I still put together 6 weeks of daily comic strips plus 2 Sundays of a comic I called Eddie Einstein. I wish I had thought of something a little more original to call it.

I sent it in to a number of syndicates, and got very polite rejection letters... from all of them.

Some time later, after pulling them out of the vault, I thought a good number of them were funny, though some were not. I removed the flat gags. The remaining bunch is what I will be posting here until they are gone.

You may also notice that Eddie looks fairly familiar. I have to admit that as I developed Eddie's look, I started leaning towards Specs Malone from Creepsville. I even thought about it actually being Specs in the strip. I finally decided that he was a completely separate character in his own little cartoon universe.

So, here's Eddie Einstein, which I will post here for the next few weeks. Click on the image to see the legible versions.

Have a good evening and avoid talking kitty cats...

Eddie Einstein, its logo and artwork are (c) & TM 2014 Franklin J Kurtz. All rights reserved.


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