Monday, October 27, 2014

Trick Or Treat Surprise -- Charles Addams' Family

As I mentioned in a recent posting in this Blog, I'm posting a small number of some of my favorite cartoons created by Charles Addams.

Addams would lend his name to The Addams Family TV series, based on his cartoon work. As you will see, his work is dark, morbid and very funny. He was approached by a producer working with the network with an idea to bring these various, dark characters together as a family. Though they were certainly bizarre, another unexpected facet of their characters was how much they truly loved
each other.

The TV series would inspire 2 big screen versions of the program, at least one more direct-to-video movie, and a cartoon series from Hanna Barbera (after the ratings success of an appearance on The New Scooby Doo Movies).

Enough of my talking. Click on the images below to see the larger versions.

These images are all (c) & TM of the Charles Addams Estate, and are only being used to strongly encourage all of you to seek out Addams book collections.

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