Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/23/2014 - The Strange Case of the Missing Ghost Rider

There appears to be a real ghost in the machine. By a machine, I mean this very computer I'm writing on right now. I wrote an article about the great western comic book hero, the Ghost Rider, finishing it last night. Today, I go to get it, and I can't find the text.

Yes, I will have the Ghost Rider, one of the most popular characters published by Magazine Enterprises in the 40s - the 50s.  Lots of the Ghost Rider...

Artist Dick Ayes was a co-creator of the series and his artwork, with weirdness in an old West, is gorgeous. Frank Frazetta also contributed, but only rarely.

Years later, when Stan Lee bought the character for Marvel Comics, he had Ayers already doing work for him.

Meanwhile, I'll find that darned article, by hook or by crook, and when I do, I'll alert you to it.

For now, here is the Ghost Rider. Check out many more of these comics on the free public domain comic book site, Comic Books Plus ( As usual, click on the images to see legible versions. Let me know what you think of them.

Oh, and this Saturday will see the entire 5th issue of Creepsville posted for Halloween, with a story titled "Halloweenland."

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