Saturday, October 18, 2014

10/19/2014 - This Week's Creepsville Plus a Creepsville Preview or 2

This week I wind up the "Robot Monster" story from the first issue of my Creepsville comic book series. Even as that finishes, up rise not one, but two Creepsville stories.

The first of these two is the second story from the first issue, titled "Invasion of the Martian-Men," which is a takeoff on one of my favorite AIP monster movies: Invasion of the Saucer-Men." This story was important, as it allowed retailers to see if we could do a comic series like this. The response was very positive, when we previewed it at the San Diego Comic Con Trade Show, just prior to the Comic Book Convention everyone knows about these days.

The second item is the cover to the 5th issue of the series, which also happens to be a Halloween issue. I'll give you the details on both of these next week, when I post the entire 5th issue for the holiday.

In addition, the weekday uploads will be monster packed. Among the Things you can expect to see posted here will be the original Ghost Rider western-horror series, cartoons by Addams Family creator Charles Addams, horror comics from the 40s and 50s, loads of movie posters, movie stills, and editorial stuff that will convince all of you that I am indeed mad.

Oh, and after Halloween, I won't be stopping the crazy stuff. I'm having so much fun that the madness continues.

Oh, and the plan is for the book of Creepsville Collected to come out in the spring. I'll keep you all informed.

Click on the images below to see the larger legible versions. As for me, I must go. I have to chase the pets here with my trusty axe. Just think of the exercise I'll get.


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