Saturday, May 8, 2010

Creepsville "Toy Pirates" #2... and Where the Heck is Agents of Peril?

It's Saturday and time for this week's strips: Creepsville, Nightmare City and Agents of Peril... Hold on, where's Agents of Peril?

Ahem... there will be slight delay in this week's AoP update due to minor technical difficulties. Hopefully, later today, this week's strip will be posted. In fact, I'm holding it in my hand... there are Frank and Dick on the moon and that weird alien spacecraft... oops, best keep my yap shut and let you see for yourself later this weekend.

Meanwhile, the second page of the full-color Creepsville story, "Destroy All Toy Pirates" is here... including cameos by a few characters you'll see more of in the future.

In addition, I have page 6 of Nightmare City, featuring Dick Protozoa.

As always, click on the small images on this page to see the larger, correct-size versions.

Also, have a great Mother's Day. Thank your mom for bringing you into this world and being there when this world knocked you down. Give your mom a hug and help her around the house. I'm sure that she has hundreds of flowers to be planted.

What's that, Colette? My wife says thousands. She's a Mom, too. I had best get my work clothes on.

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