Saturday, April 3, 2010

Agents of Peril #22 - Shoosh! -- Plus Dick Protozoa In Nightmare City

Here is this week's Agents of Peril comic strip.

As always, click on the small image above to see the strip at a larger, easy-to-read see-all-the-stippling size.

Also, starting this week, I'm going to go back to an Agents of Peril prequel, of sorts.

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you a one-off gag strip featuring Dick Protozoa, but this week the story is more complex than the gag strip. I've also mentioned that the character of Joe, from an earlier installment of Agents of Peril, wasn't just a throwaway character. He was Dick's partner in a comic that I had been working on called Nightmare City.

Nightmare City was created before Creepsville and was a Dragnet-style take off packed with monsters crawling about the city at night. The most obvious Dragnet connection is the narration on the splash page and Joe's name, Joe Monday. In my own way, I was also trying to draw Joe to look like Dragnet creator and star, Jack Webb. Okay, maybe not the most innovative idea, but I was looking to draw a series that was packed with monsters and loads of dark shadows.

The first piece though, was a cover with a familiar creature (particularly if you're from West Virginia) menacing our heroes. There is no story wherein that happens... at least not until Agents of Peril, years later (I never outright dump an idea or character... Agents of Peril and Creepsville are "Green" comic strips, because I never waste an idea and, instead, recycle. Okay, kidding.).

Anyway, the contents of what was going to be Nightmare City #1 were two stories. The first, which I will post here for the first time, a page a week starting next week, was completed. The second story was never finished, and I'm not sure if I want to attempt to do it so many years later. Regarding what that second story is, I'll discuss it in more detail when the time to post it comes up.

As is the case with the Agents of Peril strip, click on the images below to see the larger versions. And before anyone asks, the cover piece was done totally by hand... not a dot of Zip-a-tone was used. Yes, I am that anal.

So, check out the comics. Oh, and have a great holiday weekend!

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