Saturday, March 27, 2010

Agents of Peril #21 - Catfish -- Plus Before Creepsville... Crazy Larry #1

Here's this week's installment of the Agents of Peril online comic strip which find Frank and Dick stumbling onto something unusual... Click on the image above to see the larger artwork rather than the small not meant to be read piece.

After that, take a look below, if you dare, at an oddity from the past that ties in directly with my Creepsville comic books series short years afterward.

I've mentioned previously here that the character of Joe in Agents of Peril online strip was not just a throwaway character but was actually a part of Dick Protozoa's comic book past. Regarding that, in the near future I'll show exactly what I meant by that.

Such was also the case of a few of the prominent characters in Creepsville. This last week, my daughter, Molly, told me that a friend of hers having read that comic series, liked Rugface. I've had a number of people tell me they like him despite his odd name and even stranger face... or maybe because of that. Rugface is a bizarre character but his first appearance was not in Creepsville. That happened in my mini-comic Crazy Larry #1. That comic also introduced Ruggie's girlfriend, Zelda, and the title character, Larry, who would become a part of the Creepsville cast as one of Specs Malone's best friends.

Regarding the comic, Larry is crazy only because I said he was. He's kind of a jerk, too. In fact, I have to admit that I think the comic has a slightly misogynistic air about it I don't care for, which is gone by issue 2 (thank goodness).

Looking at the art, I think I must have inked the whole thing with a #3 tip technical ink pen or a Flair pen. It's kind of sloppy, but I present it here just for its connection to Creepsville, which will be returning eventually to this Blog as well as on my back-up-and-being-updated Roadside Horrors website.

Once again, click on the pages to see them in their full-tilt ugly size. I promise that issues 2 & 3 (coming here soon) are a bit more like the Creepsville comic book that was to come.

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