Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Agents of Peril: Done Right!

I finally located my original artwork for my unfinished online comic strip: Agents of Peril. In doing so, I also found a bonus of sorts.
One thing I hadn't mentioned when I started reposting these strips from my old website was that my original intention was to do it as a regular sized comic book. I had finished a few pages when the Internet option came to me, which prompted me to take most of the artwork and literally cut it up and repaste together to fit a square format that seemed to fit my computer screen at that time.
Still, I couldn't cut up the splash page I had drawn, so I redrew it, adding some additional text and dialogue. So, to pave the way to the beginning of my posting the rescans, I'm also including the splash page here with the first strip for you to compare.
As for the future, I will keep rescanning until the artwork is gone, and, yes, I will get back to work to finally finish this story after all these years. Hope you enjoy them.
Oh... and 31 days to Halloween!

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