Saturday, February 28, 2015

An Explosion in This Week's Creepsville Brings Forth Super Elastic Bubble Plastic?


This week's Creepsville page brings up Super Elastic Bubble Plastic, a rather odd "toy" that had been created by Wham-O... and for the safety of mankind, is no longer being made.

SEBP (my abbreviation) was a blueish sticky goo that had to be squeezed out of its metal tube, enough to cover one end of a plastic straw that came with it. Once this was done to your own size desire, you blew through the other end creating a plastic bubble. You would then pull off the gooey mass from the straw and pinch it to keep the air inside. Voila! You had a colorful (rainbow effect like oil in a pool of water) plastic ball that could be broken or smashed very easily.

In the story, Rat and Percy could create a huge bag to carry Martian guts. There is no way the bubbles you created could do that.

Eventually, due to noxious fumes emanating from the goo you put the straw in followed by having your nose too close to it while inflating, Wham-O stopped making this stuff. A few other small companies tried to make it, but attempts were shortlived. The image I included here is how I remember this stuff. I hated SEBP and still remember the awful smell.

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