Saturday, February 14, 2015

02/14/2015 -- This Week's Creepsville Plus Some Tivial Trivia

Trivial Trivia: This Creepsville page takes us to a scene directly out of the movie Invasion of the Saucer Men where the teenage leads go into a spooky old house to get help after hitting an alien with Johnny's car.

Years ago, I got the opportunity to interview Bob Burns, famous collector of many movie props, gorilla suit actor on the original Ghost Busters TV series and an assistant to his friend Paul Blaisedell on a number of classic AIP monster movies, including this one.

The thing that Bob told me her that actually surprised me was that this house facade existed on one of AIP's sound stages... AIP owned sound stages?!! Bob revealed to me that AIP had a good sized stage with a forest inside, where this house stood as well as gravel and dirt roads.

I'm pretty sure that this stage was later used in How To Make a Monster in a scene which had part of a nonexistent movie "Teenage Werewolf Meets Teenage Frankenstein" being filmed in a wooded set. Boy, I wish that movie had really been done.

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