Saturday, December 27, 2014

12/27/2014 -- Christmas Is Over For Another Year -- Creepsville Marches On

Yep, the big holiday of the year is over... and you really know it is when all those decorations start coming down. The plus side of that is how it makes our house feel larger when all those lights, ornaments, and other decor are down and put away.

Once again, I'm up way too early, but I really seem to have my brain rewired to do so, getting each week's installment of Creepsville posted.

Meanwhile, Colette gave me a spanking new, nifty-rrific scanner... something I have needed for quite awhile. This is going to make working on the Creepsville Collected book so much easier to get done, not to mention fun (yes, I did say "fun" while referring to scanning).

Oh, and though the holidays will officially close on New Years Day, the Wednesday updates will continue.

So, here's this week's page. Click on the image to see a larger, easy to read version. Have a great and safe New Years celebration, too!

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