Saturday, October 11, 2014

10/12/2014: This Week's Creepsville Page

Welcome back for another page from the first story of the first issue of Creepsville. If you're a newbie here, each week I will be posting pages from my Creepsville comic book series, while I continue working on my major goal right now: The Creepsville Collected book.

At this point, I'm still inking a couple of stories that were only partially inked years ago, including the 6th issue, a Christmas story. A s for the status of this project, all I can say is that I'm working on all that and will definitely let you know when the book is available.

Also, I seem to be doing something right here... What I mean by that is that the stats for this blog's readership are growing quickly. I truly appreciate your time, looking in on what I'm up to. Even after the book is published, I have a lot of plans for this page, with all-new comic stories, including new Creepsville adventures.

I should also note that I will continue posting more material than usual due to this being October, with Halloween looming on the horizon. Check in during the weekdays and you may find some additional surprises posted.

Having said all that, click on the image below to see the larger legible picture. While you do that, I'm finally going up to the attic and bring down Halloween decorations... if that full-size Dracula figure we got this year lets me. Ulp!

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