Saturday, August 16, 2014

Visual Non Sequitur: Stupid Foolish Scientists... and a Master Criminal?

This is a further obsessive follow-up to last week's rather weak posting of a frame grabbed from a movie which showed a man emptying his pipe into a handy ashtray. On Facebook, I gave a big hint on why the photo of the pipe was so important to the filmmaker (questionable and only using the word as a generic term) by revealing that person's name. It is Jerry Warren.

Well, here's 3 frame grabs from later in that spectacular movie.

I think I'm done with this movie, for now. Anyone who has been around me long enough may have been forced to actually sit and watch this flick. No, there is no woman disguised as a flying mouse.

Here are three more moments of zen... well, maybe just two. Have a good weekend, true believers.

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