Saturday, May 15, 2010

Creepsville Toy Pirates #3 and Agents of Peril #28 -- Pretty Much Says It All...

Here are this week's installments of Agents of Peril & the Creepsville story "Destroy All Toy Pirates."

Rat and Percy make the break into 4 colors in Creepsville, while Frank and Dick are still out of it. On the latter point, I'll just say this for the last time, next week it's gonna get weird in AoP. For how long I cannot say, mainly because I don't want to say.

As usual, click on the images here and they will appear on your browser at the right size to read 'em. If they still look small, hold you cursor over the image and click once. Hopefully that increases the size for you.

What's that? Oh, yes, something is missing...

Nightmare City is taking a one week break due to pesky technical difficulties. It will be back, picking up where it left off.

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