Saturday, February 6, 2010

Agents of Peril #15 - Him Faw Down, Go Boom!

Here's this week's latest Agents of Peril comic strip. As always, click on the image to see the much larger, clearer version. (I hope no one out there is attempting to read the small images on the page!)

In addition, rather than stay mum on things I am working on, I'm making a commitment to getting more material up on my blog in the near future. Coming very soon will be a never before seen, full color Monster Patrol story. I'll give you the details of the creation of the story at that time, though I will mention it is an origin story of the individual team members. I will run it in weekly doses like Agents of Peril but I won't post them on the weekend to clash with Agents' usual slot. I'm thinking of Thursday nights. Any input would be appreciated.

In addition to that, this last weekend my wife, the kids and I worked on the basement, particular two backrooms... one of which has been piled high with boxes of my stuff. By stuff, I mean lots of comics art. Among the objects found there were 3 pages of Chris Ecker's Knight Watchman comic that he asked me to ink (I can now honestly say that the pencils were so beautiful that I was damned scared to ink them), 3 more variations of the Agents of Peril opening splash page (I probably won't show those), a "lost" Creepsville story published in the back pages of Trollords (I'm coloring it now), a single page of art from the never published Christmas issue of Creepsville that I thought was long lost (which means I hope that I finally have the whole story intact and let you all see it), and lots more. In the weeks (or years) ahead, I'll be posting a lot of this material.

Nevertheless, just to whet your appetite, here's a look at the upcoming Monster Patrol origin story splash page in glorious black and white.

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