Monday, January 18, 2010

The Space Giants Preview - The Monster Times Collectors' Issue #1, 1973

Not to step on my buddy, the Shonen King aka Roy's toes... but I was looking through some old Monster Times issues and stumbled upon a fun little article that previewed a then upcoming, syndicated TV series called The Space Giants.

I really love this series, though I have to admit that my initial reaction was underwhelming. I saw bits and pieces of it when it debuted in Chicago on Channel 44 in the afternoon, along with Ultraman and Johnny Socko and his Giant Robo. I was familiar with the latter two series but I had never seen Goldar and company. I thought Rodak was kind of cartoonish and the robot family stuff was childish.

I held on to this opinion until one day when I was talking about these shows to my buddy, Fish, whose opinion on pop culture (like Marvel Comics) I respected. I brought up The Space Giants and Fish sat up and said how cool it was, noting its contiuing storylines. Well, I started watching it, and very soon afterwards, I found myself a fan (for life, so far... at least until 2012).

So, here's a two-page preview that appeared in the one-shot tabloid sized, newsprint Monster Times Collectors Issue #1, that was primarily devoted to Star Trek, but had articles on other great SF TV series, like UFO... maybe I'll post that, too... and the original Outer Limits. Within the article, there are some minor errors or material that would have been altered along the way to bringing Magma Taishi to North American TV screens. I leave it to Roy to write about the details when he eventually covers the series in Black Sun. Click on the pages to see the larger versions.

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