Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another Way To Read Monster Patrol

Much earlier today, I posted the story of Johnny Ruckus teaming up with the Monster Patrol. Here on The Laughing Reindeer, we must abide by the rules of Google, which are fine by me and incredibly generous. However, I knew that eventually some of my plans for the site must be done offsite due to space considerations.

What I'm getting at here is after having provided a story I created for Big Bang Comics for the first time in full-color story posted page by page this morning... that same story is now online in one trim package to be read like a comic book. Basically, I bound the whole story together using .Rar, but instead of the file saying .rar, it says .cbr. That tag will allow you to use a nifty freeware program in the Internet called CDisplay, which works with PCs, but not Mac OS (sorry Mac users... I'll keep my eyes open for one for you, too.).

The great thing about CDisplay is that you can read my story just like reading a comic (okay, maybe not in a bathroom). This program can be found myriad places, including or go ahead and Google for it. Once you download and install, it's easy to set it up so that you can read my comic story (and others available online). As an FYI, in the future, as my stories finish up, I will also provide these "bound" versions online to download... gratis.

I'll have more details for you later, but these stories (and more) will be available (at least until 2012, when the world comes to an end) on my Roadside Horrors website (

I'm currently extensively updating that creepy travel website, but the new section I envision will be accessible from the home page. Don't get me wrong, I'll still continue to debut my comics work here on Blogspot.

For the moment, you can download the Monster Patrol team-up story by right clicking this link Right Here, and save the 4M document to your desktop. Once you get CDisplay, you can read it, too. [Please note that it still is a .rar file and can be opened via that program the usual way.]

Coming next: the latest Agents of Peril strip... and perhaps more.

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  1. Awesome dude!!! It's cool to read it with CDisplay.