Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Coming Sooner Than I Thought - Pull Over For Some Roadside Horrors

I mentioned the Roadside Horrors section of my old Monster Shindig website earlier today, and then something unusual happened...

It's coming back faster than I expected.

Here's what's up: My brother, Dave, and I were on a long roadtrip this last weekend to help our our folks at their retirement farm in Kentucky. On the way there, we got to talking about Roadside Horrors. Okay, RH was my online travel guide to weird and spooky spots across the USA and Canada, packed with links and, perhaps more importantly, maps to get to these spots. My bro thought it was pretty cool and strongly encouraged me to bring it back with an offer I couldn't refuse.

Based on the website traffic logs I was getting at that time, that section was the most popular part of the Monster Shindig website. It came to an unfortunate temporary end due to my health issues a few years back. But it's coming back. And when it does, I'll post the new URL. In a short amount of time, pages will reappear. Initially, the pages will seem like they're the old ones from before, but I've already done weeks of rewrites, link checking, some slight redesigning and more.
I'm also hoping to get back previous contributors. (Are you up for telling your story of the asylum, Greg?)

Having said that, my plans are to expand the format slightly. This is something I wanted to do before the site fell... something focusing on the readers' own true-life spooky stories. Do you have a really creepy, true story to tell that happened to you? Tell me about it, and it will become a part of RH.

I'm even toying with doing some original (non-fiction) comics for the site.

I hope you enjoy the Roadside Horrors relaunch as much as I think I'll have doing it, again.

And, no, I haven't forgotten Secret Projects 1 & 2 (and 3?). I've been working hard on those as well. To say the least, I'm having a great time!

Just in time for Halloween... Cool.

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