Thursday, July 30, 2009

Agents of Peril

(I have removed the image from this entry due to inferior quality.)
Sorry for being so quiet of late, but my life has been very busy. Nothing bad, just busy.
Part of that is my ongoing work on those mystery projects I keep mentioning. I'm pretty happy with the way they are developing, though I must admit I'm a bit slower than I used to be... in part because I'm no longer the solitary, work all night bachelor I once was (thank goodness). Family is very important to me, so I don't mind being slower.
I also have to admit that this pace is providing me with a bonus, of sorts. I'm finding that I keep coming up with ideas to add to the developing work that I hadn't thought of before. In the long run, I think (hope) that this will make what is to come some of my best work ever.

Anyway, here's the second of the Agents of Peril strips. I have to admit that their small scanned size bothers me, meaning I wish I had scanned them larger than I did way back when. In addition to all the other stuff I'm working on, I may actually dig into the vault and rescan from the original art at a larger size so you can see the detail.

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