Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who Are the Agents of Peril?

If my memory serves me, between the Creepsville first series (published by GoGo Comics) and my self-published second series, I spent a lot of time working on another series called Agents of Peril.

Agents of Peril told the very odd story of the Frankenstein Monster working for the FBI, sent on a mission to a small town to investigate UFOs. There, he hooked up with a local equally strange plain-clothes police officer, Dick Protozoa. Together, this oddball team encounters loads of weirdness, bizarre hallucinations, mothman, and more strangeness.

The series was eventually posted on my website, Creepsville Online and evolving to Monster at least as early as 1999. After an extended period, Creepsville would follow with its own strip. I did a lot of work on AoP, but (unfortunately) never finished the story I was working on, because of health issues forcing me to close the site.

Looking at it now, I really like it. It's obvious (to me, anyway) that I was heavily influenced by Black Hole comic creator Charles Burns' work, whom I still enjoy a great deal. Like Burns' works, it is really a series that works best in black and white, due to my heavy use of ink.

You can decide for yourself, because I've decided to gradually repost those strips, in order. Maybe, by the time I get to the end of what's done, I'll take some time from the other stuff I'm working on to finish this story.

Please, let me know what you think.

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  1. Love the work. Do you have anything larger? I realize of course this was created for screens with smaller resolutions, but perhaps you were thinking of rescanning? =)

    All the best,