Saturday, October 5, 2013

Like Halloween, the Original Creepsville is Coming Back

Just in the nick of time...

Halloween is coming swiftly. This last week, Colette and I brought down the decorations from the attic. Then, a few days later, she brought more down and set up lots of decorations, including our Dept 56 stuff.

We've got loads more to go, and this will be the first time we've had this fun stuff here at all, since our move here this last Spring. Yes, we did move... In fact, most of our decorations at this time are in our "fireplace room." We call it that because the fireplace dominates the space its in so much. Because the brickwork is very dark, it's dark and spooky there... sometimes. Most of all, it's a quiet nook to relax in and read a book (on a "nook").

Meanwhile, work has also started on something I've been threatening to do forever... a Creepsville TPB book collection. Plans are to collect the 5 published issues of the first series under GoGo Comics. I'm also going to include 2 full issues that have never been published, including the Christmas issue. Years ago, on an old website, I wrote that I had lost a page of art from that story. With our recent move, it appeared in a box of artwork (where I had put years ago). What a great feeling to finally hold the whole thing complete in my hands after so long!!!

My plans are to include loads of sketches and other art that has never been seen before... and even some stuff from the Carnivore movie. The movie work (started) while the Creepsville series was being published. Besides that, each issue will have my "liner notes" about things like what prompted me adapting a given film, what I was doing to survive and much more.

I must caution you, this will take awhile ... which is good. The plan is an early Summer 2014 release.

Of course, I'll post updates on this site.

Anyway, it's looking a bit murky outside. Perfect for Halloween! Heh heh.

Whoops! Almost forgot this... For the 4th year in a row, like out of the pages of The Brave and the Bold, Greg Hyland and I will be teaming up again to bring back the Aztec Mummy, along with the Mexican Batman, and too much more to mention. Read it yourself by checking out . Then, stick around and read years of truly great comics Greg has been doing there. No cultural sacred cows get by unscathed.