Saturday, January 19, 2013

Laugh While You Can, Monkey Boy!

It seems like no matter how old I get, something in my life happens that reminds me that the carcass I walk around in is just temporary...

This last week, I got up dark and early and was heading in to work. I took an alternative path in my batmobile than I would normally take the morning after a freezing rain.

Here's what happened... I'm driving in the dark and the road looks pretty safe. It's a narrow road in the country, so when a car comes my way, I try to give it more room. It passes by and I keep moving forward. At that moment, I notice the road ahead is a little darker than what I've been driving on. I get to that and feel the car start to slide a little and realize that I'm on black ice. I try to compensate very carefully and without warning the car takes a jerk and I find myself fishtailing. I take my foot off the accelerator, but the inertia I had is still moving me forward fast. I'm moving my steering wheel back and forth trying to get control back.

Did I say, I was friggin' scared?! I was. Now, I'm going to admit to something. Of late, I've been a wee bit morbid. Maybe it just comes with getting older (I'm 53) and seeing my parents fighting all sorts of health problems. It feels sometimes like there's a record playing in my head that is stuck playing a message over and over all day that says, "You are going to die. No, really... you're going to kick the bucket." 

Back to the fishtailing death device. Barbed wire fencing, trees, a farm front yard, all flash by as I try to stop this car. It's not feeling very good about my chances. Then, I blurt out, "God save me!" Guess what happens? No, I don't become a TV evangelist. But I let the car go where it wants to... and it stops rushing and slows down and goes into a ditch on the right side. I sit there for a moment, looking at the ice covered grass. And I actually drive out of the ditch. I'm only about 2 miles from home. I get home and wake Colette and tell her about it.

I'm upset and tell her what happened. She gets me to relax, which I do. I go back out and drive a safer way to work.

Do I believe that God actually saved me? Maybe. However; if you had spoke to me right after it happened, I would have said, "Yes!"

It reminds me of the time I was driving home on a warm summer day and a truck driving by me carrying bricks came by (which I wrote about in an earlier blog update). The brick that flew off the truck missed my head by inches. I could taste the dirt. The brick blasted through my windshield like a cannonball, showering the interior of my car with tiny shards of broken glass... none of which got in my mouth or eyes. The police officer who helped me said. "You must have an angel sitting on your shoulder." Maybe. That officer had seen nothing like that before.

Honestly, though I often act like an agnostic when it comes to God, sometimes the examples as to if it's real seem to be very persuasive.

Like everyone reading this, I'm going to die some day. As of this last week and since, that doesn't seem to be bothering me quite as much. And if I believe in ghosts, demons and other creepy creatures, what's wrong with an angel sitting on my shoulder?

Time to draw more monsters...

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